June 6, 2010

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Meeting started at 7:07pm

Old Business:

  • chippokes this weekend. One beetle there. About 50 cars this year. Most they ever had. Very very hot and humid.

  • Bugout. 2 members went. Bill cower was there – ex coach of steelers.

  • Combined show. Rufus talked to ty again of tidewater club. Went to one of their meetings. Run from gloucester to peacefrogs. June 26. having some problems with scheduling, so will double check. Looking at a date in july TBD for a combined run. Type 2 club is somewhat disbanded with no formal meetings, but still doing campouts. Look at the site for updates.

  • Looking for banner.

New Business:

  • upcoming shows: smithfield olden days. June 25 and 26. july 4th at cheeseburger in paradise with top 40 awards.

  • July 9th is national collector car day.

  • June 18th is drive your beetle to work day.

  • July 16th napa car show 6-9 in smithfield featuring vw's. Free admission and free dinner.

  • Next meeting would fall on july 4th. Moving to july 10th.

  • Cruise to peacefrogs june 26th is cancelled for now.

  • Visitors: ben and ashley. Bus and beetle. 07 gti.

  • 74 beetle for sale.

Meeting called at 7:50pm

May 2, 2010

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Meeting started at 7:14pm

Old Business:

  • Audit has been finished

  • Rufus completed the roster for the club with the current listing of members. The four officers will divide the list to call. One correction in marjory's email. Eliminate the first 'r'

  • Air/water-cooled show ideas. Rufus talked to ian (type 2 club) and they are looking forward to a combined event. Ty (tidewater club) is also in favor. Tidewater club is having a car show at the bughaus in june, but rufus does not have dates yet. Going to try to set something up for july. Jeff also recommended the vw tuner group. Tom recommended the pavilions at Newport News park.

  • Marjory called Sandy about the scrapbook. She thinks she might have it, but isn't sure. It might be in the attic. She's going to try to go up and see if she has it.

New Business:

  • Warren just returned from NB on the dragon. 52 cars this year. MINIs were there this year as well – about 400 or so cars. No accidents/break-downs. Part of the road is still closed b/c of a rockslide.

  • Trish has cleaned out a lot of her Bug. This week, she will be doing the POR-15. She'll send out an email when it's done to set up a time for reassembly.

  • Rufus's engine fired up in Stacey's car.

  • York county dare cruise in moved to saturday nights

  • BugOut is coming up May 30. Met up and left from Patriot's Square in Yorktown. 6am departure.

  • Following weekend is chippokes. June 5 and 6. departing patriot's square around 7:30.

  • cruise-ins at harley. Please show up.

  • Zachary – Leoma, TN. Is in the Navy. Been in for 11 years. Been in Hampton Roads since around 1999.

Meeting called 8:05pm

April 11, 2010

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Meeting started at 7:21

Old Business:

  • make sure Stacey closes out the audit from last year – audit report tabled until May meeting

  • Rufus, Tom and Rob – interior was already stripped out, cleaned up floor boards, to order POR 15

  • Rufus discussed possible VW air/water show. Is trying to get in touch with guy from the other club. Tabled until May.

New business:

  • napa in smithfield, 6-9pm. This friday is another

  • hardees at dresden and jefferson saturday nights in newport news

  • 23/24 williamsburg rod run at the visitor's center

  • bugout may 30th

  • chippokes, june 5th and 6th – vw club goes on the saturday

Open Forum:

  • rachel's carb issues

  • stacey's engine issues

rufus is about to smack someone

where is the club photo album – sandy guerke? Bill girke? Mark rogers? Marjory Eichelberger will attempt to contact

meeting called 8:01pm

March 7, 2010

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March 7, 2010

Meeting started at 7:12 PM

louise greer – 74 vw convert (for sale if interested)

scott stern – out of town visitor from Tennessee

Old Business:

rufus discussed the phone tree in event of the need for important information to be passed. Three branches of a phone tree to keep the message the same. Rufus will pull the roster off and call this week and verify the numbers. Warren, Trish and Stacey volunteered to be at the top of the limbs.

Rufus will have an answer in April regarding a car club show. He apologizes.

Tech session at Trish's... Pull interior out of car and clean out rust, etc. Looking at the weekend of March 20-21.

Rob didn't bring the receipt for the web fees, but has an email receipt. Will find and forward to Jeff.

New Business:

Next meeting date falls on Easter. Moving to the 11th.

Two new car shows – Kecoughtan high school on March 20th. York high school on March 27th. Carrolton Old Point National Bank on march 26th

Cruise ins start in April

Called at 7:55 PM

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